Skinners Flat Reservoir

Skinners Flat Reservoir is located about 9km out of Wedderburn to the north. You turn off onto a narrow dirt road to access the reservoir.  Be careful when traversing this track as in places it is only wide enough for a single vehicle.

The reservoir provides water to the Wedderburn sports grounds when there is water available. Unfortunately, in latter years, this has often been a problem as it relies on the catchment run off from the surrounding area.

Fortunately for Wedderburn, the reservoir has been included in the pipeline project and will be constantly filled.  This will provide a beautiful recreation area for Wedderburn people and visitors.

The reservoir offers some great facilities including:-

  • Magnificent bush walks
  • Camping
  • Swimming
  • Fishing and yabbying
  • Pit toilet
  • Picnic areas

The reservoir is located in the Wychitella State Forest and there are often fox baits laid. Please look out for the signs to protect your dog if you are walking in the bush.